Foundation Repair in the Dallas Area

Foundation Problems

Interior Damages

Movement and settlement will cause cracks in your sheetrock in the area of settlement. This usually occurs around doors and windows and even ceilings.

Its not unusual to see interior doors out of square and not operate properly. Another sign is doors that want to close on there own. If you have Sheetrock cracks and doors that do not operate properly you are experiencing foundation movement and settlement.

Brick Veneer Damages

Movement and settlement will also result in exterior brick veneer cracks and damages. This is a result of downward slab foundation movement.

As foundation settlement occurs and the foundation is displaced downward it will cause the exterior brick to separate. This condition can also lead to mold and possible termites. Foundation settlement is common in the Dallas area. If you see this condition around the exterior of your house then you are experiencing foundation settlement.

Exterior Damages

As settlement occurs you will notice trim separations on the exterior of the structure. Most common is separation at the corners of the structure. If left unattended these damages will result in more damages that will cost more to correct.

If you are experiencing foundation settlement, house settlement, and need slab repairs call us for a free foundation evaluation.

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