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A Pressed Concrete Pilings is a round cylinder block that is 12 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter. Most companies buy them from a supplier and they are all the same from one foundation company to another. Each block is constructed to withstand up to 6000 pounds per square inch. These blocks are relatively inexpensive to purchase which is why repairing your home using this material is less expensive than some of the other methods, such as Steel Piers or Concrete Drilled Piers.

The installation process consist of 4 steps.

  1. Digging a footing under the foundation grade beam using a hand held shovel. (no heavy equipment is used to dig the footing)
  2. Using a hydraulic ram the concrete piling is pushed one on top of another under the grade beam to bedrock or point of refusal.
  3. A cap block is then placed on top of the Pilings.
  4. Using a hydraulic jack on top of the cap block the foundation is now ready to be lifted. After the lift, the dirt is placed back into the footing.


  • Piles are installed using a handheld hydraulic ram. No heavy equipment near your house that could cause damages.
  • Proper depth requirement can be reached by driving against the structure.
  • Soil load bearing capacities are tested by driving the Pilings into the soils.
  • Pre-­cured / tested concrete allows immediate levelling of the structure. 5.Final levelling is achieved using steel shims.
  • Site cleanliness and speed save time and minimize damage to landscaping

Concrete Pressed Pilings is the most common method of repair in the DFW area and is approved by most Engineering Firms. Because the material cost is low the average price of this system is $350.00 per pier which includes a Life­Time transferable warranty.

Dalrock has provided this service to 1000’s of homeowners in the metroplex and can provide you with references upon your request.

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