Foundation Repair Plano

Foundation Repair Plano

Plano residents trust Dalrock Foundation Repair for assistance with all foundation cracks and problems whether it’s for slab foundation repair or pier and beam foundation repair. With more than two decades of experience assisting Plano residents and businesses with foundation problems, we bring a deep understanding of Texas geology and the solutions we need to employ to help fix your foundation issues.

Foundation Repair in Plano Texas

You may experience a variety of damages to your home or business that may result in problems with your foundation. For example, your home will settle over time and cracks may begin to develop in the walls. Cracks may indicate an issue with the foundation. These cracks may also appear on the exterior of the home in the brick and indicate a foundation issue. We can inspect your foundation for evidence of problems if you believe a foundation problem exists.

Slab Foundation Repair

It’s common to build homes on slab foundations in Texas, where the house is next to the ground that sits below the house. A slab foundation will usually be thicker under areas where there is a lot of weight resting on the foundation and will be thinner in other areas. A foundation crack my develop if there is too much shifting in the soil around the house. Dalrock Foundation Repair can assist with all Plano slab foundation repair needs.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair-Plano TX

Pier and beam foundations were very common in the last century in new homes, but many homebuilders began using slab foundations as an alternative in the second half of the 1900s. If you have a crawlspace under your Plano home or business, you probably have a pier and beam foundation. Shifting of the earth under the building, as well as the shifting of the house may result in a foundation problem.

Concrete Pressed Piles

An efficient option for repairing a foundation that has shifted or started to sink is the insertion of concrete pressed piles. These cylinders can help stabilized a dropped foundation by inserting the piles somewhere between five and seven feet under the house. When we inspect your foundation and determine the source of the shifting or destabilization, we may determine that concrete pressed piles offer the most cost-effective solution.

Steel Piers vs. Concrete Piers

Another option for repairing your foundation is using steel piers. We may need to use steel piers if we need to install piers into particularly deep soil. A very heavy load, such as a two-story house or a commercial building may benefit from steel piers. There are advantages to each type of foundation repair – concrete piers versus steel piers – and we can help you determine the ideal type of repair for your home or business.

Residential Foundation Repair

When a home builder completes construction, he or she will expect that the house may settle and shift over time. Foundations and homes are actually built to withstand some shifting, but when there are unexpected changes in the soil beneath the house, foundation cracks may occur. For example, tree roots may grow under the house and disrupt the steadfastness of the soil and lead to a shifting foundation.

Commercial/Industrial Foundation Repair for Plano Businesses

The foundations used on large commercial buildings aren’t often too different from those used in residential circumstances. However, commercial foundations are often much larger in scale and require a greater depth for support piers. Dalrock Foundation Repair will help repair any commercial building in Plano, whether be it a small retail store or larger commercial structure.

Plano Residents can Finance Foundation Repair Costs

You may find that your foundation repair costs more than you have saved for emergency issues. However, leaving a foundation problem to get worse over time may increase the cost exponentially and eventually destabilize your entire house. We aim to complete repairs in an expedient manner and within a budget you can afford.

The best time to repair a foundation is when you first learn of the problem. If you suspect that your home or business has a foundation issue, call Dalrock Foundation Repair immediately or click the button below for a free consultation. We’re here to help Plano residents with expert and comprehensive foundation repair services.

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