Foundation Repair Cost

Determining the Cost

One of the most common questions we receive is related to the cost of foundation repair. To accurately determine the cost, we need to thoroughly inspect your foundation.

Once we have an accurate assessment of your property, we can determine how many piers are needed, what types of piers, and address any other issues that may exist, like drainage.

We then can present the foundation repair cost to you and help you understand what options you have for repairing your foundation.

Calculating Foundation Repair Cost
Founation Cracks in Brick

Factors That Affect Foundation Repair Costs

The main factor in the cost of foundation repair is directly related to the number of piers required to make the repairs. Depending upon the condition of the foundation, the job may only require a small number of piers. If the property has a complete failure and the entire perimeter beam has settled, then a larger number of piers will be required to stabilize and level the structure. The condition of the house determines the number of piers that will be required to make the repairs.

Engineering is also required in order to make repairs. This is done by a third party Engineer. He or she will inspect the job before the work begins to verify how many piers are required and the location of each pier. After the piers are installed, the Engineer will return to the job to verify that the work has been completed and to document the new elevations of the foundation. Both of these inspection are required in order for Dalrock to obtain a permit (If required by the city where the job is located).

After the repairs, a third party plumber will inspect the fresh water and sewer lines for any leaks. If any leaks are found under the foundation, the owner will have to make the repairs. This is important because a leak under the foundation will undermine the repairs and will void any warranties by the foundation repair company.

Types of Piers

There are two main types of piers: steel piers and concrete piers. Both options are commonly used in the Dallas area, but we prefer to use steel piers when possible. Steel is a more expensive option, but it also provides a better result.

For example, concrete piers are typically 10-12 feet deep, but steel piers can go 20-40 feet deep. With concrete only going down 10-12 feet, it is driven in to compressed soil. Steel piers however are able to go further and can be drilled into bedrock.

Pier count is dictated by the extent of the fall in the foundation. The Foundation Performance Association (FPA) has specific guidelines for pier placement. The guidelines were established by a committee of engineers with decades of experience repairing foundations.

The Cost of Repairs

So, once we have a report established for your property and an engineer has approved the number of piers needed and you’ve decided which type of pier you want to go with, we can determine the cost of your foundation repair.

The average cost of having your foundation repaired is between $4,000.00 to $6,000.00. Some houses require more work than others, and the repairs can be anywhere between $10,000.00 to $20,000.00. This all depends on the condition of the property and the piers needed to repair and level the foundation.

Total Foundation Repair Cost
Lifetime Foundation Warranty

Foundation Repair Warranty

Dalrock’s Home Warranty was designed to give homeowners peace-of-mind about their foundation repair project. You can rest assured that Dalrock will stand behind the repairs for the life of the structure, and if you sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to the new home owner.

In the unlikely event that there is downward movement of any pier, we will make any needed repairs. So, by choosing Dalrock, you are protected by Dalrock’s Warranty for life! Dalrock provides Warranty protection on thousands of homes in the Dallas area.