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Slab Foundation Repair

Count on Dalrock Foundation Repair to do the work to ensure both pier and slab foundations receive solid and long-lasting repairs.

Steel Piers

Steel Piers vs. Concrete Pressed Pilings The most common methods of foundation

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Drilled Piers

Drilled Piers or Concrete Drilled Piers is a system of foundation repair that in

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Concrete Pier

A Pressed Concrete Pilings is a round cylinder block that is 12 inches tall and

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Financing your job

At Dalrock we offer financing from Enerbank USA. They offer same as cash options

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We are your true professionals when it comes to foundation repair problems, foundation lifting, foundation settlement and house levelling. We perform home foundation repairs for home owners, real estate brokers, investors, and business owners.

In addition, our crew installs Concrete or Steel Piers, which is used for brick homes and business buildings. Foundation repair is common in the DFW area due to poor soil conditions. If you need home foundation repair please get in touch with us today.

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