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Carrollton families, homeowners, businesses, and commercial building owners turn to Dalrock Foundation Repair to handle their pier and beam and slab foundation problems. With more than twenty years of experience as foundation repair contractors, Dalrock Foundation Repair is equipped to assist Carrollton families and business owners with efficient and affordable solutions for foundation repair and restoration. From concrete slab repair to pier and beam foundation repair, the north Dallas area relies on Dalrock to meet its foundation repair needs.

Slab Foundation Repair

It is common knowledge that many Carrollton homes are built on slab foundations that rest near to the ground. With shifts in soil surrounding a home or business, a foundation crack may develop creating a substantial problem for the owner. Dalrock Foundation Repair can assist with all slab foundation crack repair needs.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair-Carrollton, TX

Commercial structures and residential homes built in the early 1900s were built upon pier and beam foundations. Crawlspaces under a building can be indicators that you have a pier and beam foundation. Shifts in the building or earth surrounding the building can result in pier and beam foundation issues.

Concrete Pressed Piles

Concrete pressed piles have become an extremely efficient method of foundation repair. By installing the cylinder-shaped piles somewhere between five and seven feet under the building, Dalrock Foundation Repair is able to correct a depressed area within the soil the building rests on.

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