Are Your Cracks a Sign of Foundation Problems?


Foundation issues are one of the top homeowner concerns across the nation. One of the surest signs of foundation problems can be new or expanding cracks in the drywall. These are legitimate concerns unless you know what you are looking for.

Cracks in your home can be something as benign as drying concrete in new homes or could be the results of a foundation settlement problem that needs to be resolved. Knowing what different cracks look like and mean for your McKinney home is important. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for before calling a foundation repair company.

Types of Cracks

Your home is subject to creating different types of cracks that can pop up in your foundation walls, basement floors, and more. These cracks can range from harmless spider cracks to large, vertical and steep cracks that are a cry for help from your home.

·         Brick Cracks

One of the main cracks that you do not want to notice around the home are cracks in your cinder blocks and bricks surrounding your foundation. Steep cracks in these areas will appear as horizontal and vertical cracks between your cinder blocks or bricks. They often resemble the shape of steps. The reasons why these cracks are so dangerous to your foundation is that they allow moisture to seep into the cracks and make its way deeper into your foundation leading to a more expensive foundation repair.

·         Horizontal Cracks

If you start to notice horizontal cracks along the walls of your home, you may have some foundation issues that have to do with the water pressure of your home. Hydrostatic pressure that is strong can cause walls to crate these types of cracks and can also allow water to seep in from the outside.

·         Vertical Cracks

These cracks are a huge red flag to homeowners. If you notice vertical cracks along your walls, this can mean the that the footing of your foundation is broken. This can be a lengthy and expensive repair, so it is recommended that you get in touch with your local foundation repair company once you start to notice a problem.

Reasons for Cracks and Why to Call the Professionals

There are several reasons that cracks form in a home, and not all of them are related to foundation problems. Some reasons for settlement in your home can include poor construction, earth that is uneven underneath the foundation, water-related issues like plumbing leaks, and more. The rule of thumb is that if a crack can fit a dime in it, there is a problem.

If you see signs of foundation problems in your home and want to have a foundation repair consultation, schedule an appointment with Dalrock Foundation Repair today. We are one of the most trusted foundation repair companies in the North Dallas area, and we will be able to handle your problem with the power of our process, experience, and excellent customer service.

Rex Hise

Rex Hise is a seasoned professional in the field of residential construction with over 40 years of experience. Specializing in foundation repair and restoration, Rex has successfully helped countless homeowners in the Plano, TX area address their foundation issues effectively.

Having worked in residential construction for many years, I understand the importance of repairing foundations in Plano houses. With the unique soil conditions in Plano, TX, it’s essential to use effective foundation repair techniques to ensure the stability and longevity of homes in the area. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best foundation repair solutions Plano homeowners can consider.

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