Selling Soon? 4 Must-Do Repairs


When you sell your house, there are many things to consider. You might be concerned that you won’t get a buyer soon enough. Or maybe they won’t want to pay the price you’re hoping for. One way to make people more willing to buy a home is to make sure that the major repairs have been taken care of before they arrive. If they don’t need to worry about expensive work immediately after moving, they’ll be more willing to consider both the house and your asking price. So, if you’re selling soon, here are four repairs you must do before putting your house on the market.


Your foundation is what keeps your entire house secure. So, if someone sees a broken foundation, they are much less likely to buy the house. Foundation problems can vary in intensity, but they are expensive to repair. In fact, most homeowners will pay about $4,640 to fix foundation problems. If you have any issues, get them repaired quickly.


Painting in an inexpensive way to refresh your home. This can be done both inside and outside. If potential buyers see flaking or peeling paint, they might wonder what else has been neglected on the property. So, even if you have taken good care of the house, you might not get as many offers on it. Take the time to repaint and get the house looking more attractive.


Fixing the lighting will update your house and make it more appealing. While broken lighting isn’t as severe an issue as foundation problems, it could indicate problems with the electricity in the home, which potential buyers won’t want to deal with. Take the time to update your lighting before showing the house. Replace burned-out lightbulbs, add some new fixtures, and make the interior brighter.


Nobody wants to replace the flooring as soon as they buy a house. If your flooring is cracked and peeling, replace it before you sell. It might be an investment, but you can often recoup the cost with a higher asking price.

A well-maintained house is likely to sell faster for a higher asking price. So, before you put the house on the market, look around at what needs to be fixed. These four repairs are an excellent place to start.

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