Is it the House Settling or a Foundation Repair in the Making?


You know the situation all too well. You wake up in the middle of the night to grab a glass of water from the kitchen. As you are drinking your water in the dark, you hear the house let out a long groan from the bowels of its foundation. You ignore the noise and simply tell yourself that this is simply the house settling.

This could be true, but it could also be a mistake that costs you a lot of money in the long-run when extensive foundation damage has taken place. Here are some of the best ways to distinguish the differences between settling sounds and signs of foundation repair.

What is Foundation Settling?

Time and weather are two catalysts to the natural changes in a foundation that homeowners refer to as settling. During this time, a home will slowly sink further into the ground, and this is to be expected in a home as time passes.

The largest contribution to settling is soil expansion and soil contraction. As moisture is lost or gained in the soil, the dirt then shifts underneath the weight of a home creating the initial settling experience. Over time, these natural issues can lead to foundation damage.

Most people would turn to looking at cracks in their foundation in order to determine whether or not a problem is afoot. Yes, cracks in the foundation are a sign of a problem, but they can also be signs of benign settlement.

Signs Beyond Settlement

Knowing what to look for beyond initial settling signs is important if you want to avoid having to replace your foundation or are concerned about the safety of your family in the home.

One thing to look out for is cracks in the wall. This is a sure indicator that there is something wrong with your foundation. Jagged cracks in the wall let you know that your home has shifted and is actually tearing itself apart in the process.

Also, by examining all of your doors and windows in the home, you can quickly determine if there is a potential problem and a foundation repair company needs to be contacted. If your doors and windows constantly stick, this out of balance frame issue can be a sign of your foundation shifting.

Dalrock Foundation Repair Will Rule Out Your Problem

If you are a McKinney homeowner and are concerned with the groans your home is making, or are worried about cracks you may have found in your foundation, give Dalrock Foundation Repair a call today.

Our licensed professionals will be able to quickly determine the problem in your home and find the best, most affordable way to solve your problem. Give us a call at 972-578-8800 and find out the numerous foundation repair services that we provide to homes with foundation damage.

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