5 Signs Your Foundation has Water Damage


The foundation is one of the most critical parts of your building. It helps support your home, resist movement, insulate, and prevent moisture infiltration. Unfortunately, sometimes, this surface becomes vulnerable to water foundation damage. Below are the top five signs that show your foundation has water damage.

1. Finding Cracks

Unusual cracks on the foundation indicate a structural problem. Any cracks on the exterior of the foundation will often show that this foundation is water-damaged. Long and thick cracks pose a more significant problem. At the same time, horizontal cracks often show a more significant problem with your foundation.

Basement floor cracks are yet another issue. They usually indicate considerable deterioration. Usually, it would help if you fixed these cracks as soon as possible.

2. Unusual Dampness and Moisture

An ideal foundation must be dry and clean. As such, any strange dampness and moisture should be a point of concern. A perpetually damp foundation implies that it could be water-damaged. Remember, such dampness could be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi too. That means you must investigate the source of the water, addressing it within a short time.

3. Significant Wall Discoloration

Concrete is a porous structure, meaning that it allows water to seep through it. This water will make the surface lose its paint or granules, slowly discoloring it. Besides, the minerals from the water will stain the surface, marking the spots where water passes through. In addition, you can see mold and mildew on these surfaces, leaving a black or greyish train.

4. Leaning Walls

An excellent foundation can comfortably support the walls. Unfortunately, foundation damage makes it much weaker, meaning that it will not support the walls. You could also witness slap upheaval, meaning that the slab will move upwards. Thanks to this upheaval, your walls could get warped, forcing doors to stick on the floors. What’s more, these floors become uneven over time.

5. Efflorescence

Water foundation damage leaves a powdery substance on the surface. You’ll see this substance on the walls, concrete, and floors. Significant efflorescence often shows that the problem is much bigger. For this reason, it would help if you consider waterproofing the foundation once you see it. Immediate action will help avert much bigger issues in the long run. A water sprout could also help. Remember, this downspout should comfortably discharge up to five feet from the foundation.

In conclusion, be keen on your foundation. Check out any of the signs above and address them immediately.

Rex Hise

Rex Hise is a seasoned professional in the field of residential construction with over 40 years of experience. Specializing in foundation repair and restoration, Rex has successfully helped countless homeowners in the Plano, TX area address their foundation issues effectively.

Having worked in residential construction for many years, I understand the importance of repairing foundations in Plano houses. With the unique soil conditions in Plano, TX, it’s essential to use effective foundation repair techniques to ensure the stability and longevity of homes in the area. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best foundation repair solutions Plano homeowners can consider.

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