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We are a top rated foundation repair company serving Dallas. There are many factors that can cause a home or business to need foundation repair in Dallas. Our team of trusted foundation experts provides free, no obligation evaluations, and a lifetime transferable warranty. Dallas residents trust Dalrock Foundation Repair, and we appreciate the support and trust we’ve received. We have decades of experience and have completed hundreds of foundation repair jobs in Dallas alone. Whether you have a slab foundation or an older pier and beam foundation, our team can solve your foundation problems.
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Dallas Foundation Repair Experts

Dalrock Foundation Repair, located in Plano, Texas, assists families, homeowners, businesses, and commercial building owners in the North Dallas area with all foundation repair projects, from pier and beam foundation issues to slab foundation cracks. With more than thirty years of experience providing Dallas area families and business owners with efficient and affordable solutions for foundation repair and restoration, Dalrock Foundation Repair is your trusted source for ensuring your home is safe and structurally sound.

Identify Problems and Take Action Quickly

Foundation problems aren’t uncommon, and the average home or commercial building will settle over time. Sometimes, the expected amount of settling is too great for the foundation to withstand, and cracks appear or destabilization occurs. Often, you’ll see cracks in the ceilings or walls inside the building, or in the bricks on the exterior. Cracks may indicate a foundation problem, so it’s essential to get in touch with Dalrock Foundation Repair as swiftly as possible.

Slab Foundation Repair

Many residential homes in the Plano, Texas area have slab foundations that sit near the ground. Changes to the soil over time – such as the impact of tree roots, soil saturation, or plumbing leaks – may cause the foundation and house to shift in one place or another. This shifting may create cracks in the house, as well as hairline cracks along the foundation. Dalrock Foundation Repair will help with your slab foundation cracks whether they’re the size of a hair or much bigger.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

You will find pier and beam foundations in all types of buildings, from large commercial structures to residential homes built in the early 1900s, as well as the occasional new home. Although home builders and commercial construction companies expect a foundation to shift a little over time, too much shifting or movement of a pier and beam foundation may create structural issues. If you suspect any problems with your pier and beam foundation, a call to Dalrock Foundation Repair is the fastest way to get the problem diagnosed and repaired.

Concrete Pressed Piles
One option for repairing a foundation uses concrete pressed piles. A concrete pressed pile is shaped like a cylinder and stabilizes a foundation by correcting a depressed area within the soil. These piles are usually inserted up to a depth of five to seven feet, and they are an efficient solution for foundation repair. Concrete pressed piles also tend to offer an affordable fix for your foundation problem.
Steel Piers vs. Concrete Piers
When inspecting your home, we may determine that steel piers are a better option – or the only option – instead of concrete pressed piles for repairing your home or commercial structure’s foundation. If we must dig into the soil deeper than seven feet, steel piers are necessary to reach the right depth. When we inspect your home or business, we’ll diagnose your foundation problem and figure out which solution will offer you the best results at a price you can afford.
Dallas Commercial/Industrial Foundation Repair
Not only are we experts in everything concerning residential foundation repair, but we can also assist when you experience problems with your commercial or industrial foundation. Although the weight may be much greater than that of a residential foundation, many of the same fixes are available for your commercial foundation. We can help you identify your foundation’s problems and recommend solutions that will ensure your commercial building is a safe space in which to conduct business.

Home Foundation Repair in Dallas

Did you recently notice a crack extending from one of the interior doors of your house toward the ceiling? Did a crack recently appear on the bricks outside your house? The shifting of your home may have reached a point where the foundation is starting to bend and crack, and this shifting may have started to destabilize your house. It’s important to speak with a professional from Dalrock Foundation Repair immediately upon identifying these issues.

Founation Cracks in Brick

Financing Your Foundation Repair

Many people want to know what is the cost of quality foundation repair? Foundation repair can get expensive, and the best way to finance it is to catch the problem early. Foundation problems are cumulative, which means they get worse over time and cost more as the problems become worse. The cost can skyrocket when the foundation gets so bad that major repair is necessary that takes significant equipment to accomplish.

Financing Foundation Repair

Serving Dallas and Surrounding Areas

We want to make sure you can afford the right foundation repair for you, so we recommend giving Dalrock Foundation Repair a call as soon as you notice anything strange about the walls or floors of your house or commercial structure. We’re your friendly, experienced, and comprehensive foundation repair source in Dallas and surrounding areas, including Carrollton, Plano, Richardson, Irving, Garland, Grand Prairie, McKinney, Allen, Farmers Branch, The Colony, Frisco, and Lewisville.

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