What Does the Average Foundation Repair Cost?


Are you in need of foundation repair but are afraid of the potential cost? That’s understandable. Home repairs costs can sometimes be a challenge to predict.

In fact, foundation repair can cost anywhere from $4,500 to $10,000, depending on what’s involved. 

However, we’re going to walk you through some of the more common causes of foundation issues and the factors that influence foundation repair cost. You’ll then have the information you need to make the proper decision for you and your family, so keep reading to learn more. 

Indications That You May Need Foundation Repair 

Homeowners often first notice unsightly cracks that appear in their drywall. Typically, these will sprout near doors, windows, and the fireplace. Wallpaper and other wallcoverings such as paneling can make it difficult to diagnose the problem early. If so, your first clue that you have a foundation problem may be in the way your doors and windows began malfunctioning. 

Construction methods for doors and windows operate on the assumption that the tops and bottoms of doors and windows will remain perfectly parallel to the ceiling and the floor. When a foundation moves, it throws off the alignment of the doors and windows. As a result, they don’t and open and close correctly. They may no longer have enough room to operate smoothly. 

Older structures, whether homes or commercial buildings, can develop sloping floors. Sometimes the change is so gradual that it may be some time before it’s noticeable. But then you begin to notice that a table has started to wobble. Or the living room curtains touch the floor on one side of the window but not on the other.  

An examination of the outside of the structure could reveal that cracks are spreading through the foundation walls. Often, they’ll follow a tell-tale stair-step pattern along brick and block walls. 

Also, notice whether the wall appears perfectly vertical or if it is leaning inward. The more off-center the wall is, the more urgent it is that you immediately get professional help. The structural integrity of the wall is seriously compromised, and the continued movement of the foundation will likely cause it to collapse. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Leveling a Foundation 

An important factor affecting your foundation is one that many people fail to consider—the soil. The quality of the soil directly beneath your foundation can help keep your building stable or cause it to suffer stress. 

For example, clay-rich soil easily absorbs moisture. Then it expands, putting upward pressure on the foundation. During extended dry periods, the clay shrinks, allowing the foundation to settle or sink.  

This ongoing cycle of expanding and shrinking poses a danger to your structure. Before a crew repairs your foundation, the soil must be corrected.   

Typically, the building needs a better drainage system to keep the moisture level in the soil within a predictable range. If you notice that after rainstorms, there are pools of water around your home, you have a drainage issue that may be causing or contributing to your foundation problem. 

Once your soil is stabilized, there are additional factors to consider. How badly is the house shifting? Is the issue recent? Have the doors and windows begun failing to operate correctly? Is the sagging foundation only on one side of the house or multiple sides? 

Another consideration is whether or not your home has a basement. It’s more challenging repairing foundations of buildings with basements, so the costs are slightly higher. 

Repair Methods That Influence Cost 

If you caught the problem early, you might only need to repair minor cracks. If so, usually, technicians can fill the cracks with a synthetic material that will keep the cracks from spreading. 

Repairing a foundation that has heavy water drainage issues requires special equipment to dig around the perimeter of your foundation. A crew will eliminate cracks and then seal and waterproof the foundation. 

A house that has settled will need additional structural support to make it level. Typically, a crew will use piers to bring it level. The number of piers needed will depend on the severity of the issue.  

Overlooked Cost Factors 

Homeowners may overlook the fact that foundation repair technicians often must bring in additional experts to verify certain aspects of the job. For example, a plumber will have to inspect your property for water or sewer line leakage before work can begin on the foundation. Why?  

If a crew repaired your foundation but you had a leak, it would void the warranty for the foundation repair. Besides, an ongoing leak would only cause additional problems in the future. 

A structural engineer will also have to make an inspection of your home and give a recommendation of how many piers should be used to support it. The inspector will also evaluate the completed work to make sure the necessary repairs were properly performed. 

A General Price Guide to Repairs 

Small cracks in the foundation walls might be repaired by a qualified technician for less than $1,000, even in some cases for as little as $500. 

Repairing a leaking foundation may cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000.  

Leveling a sagging home generally requires the most effort when it comes to foundation repair. The size of the home, the severity of the problem, and the number of piers required to correct the issue all affect the price. Generally, you can expect costs to run $5000-$10,000. 

Get a Personalized Estimate of Your Foundation Repair Cost 

Any dollar figures that we can give you in this article are general amounts based upon our experience repairing the homes of your friends and neighbors. However, we treat each customer as an individual. So, we visit the home of each prospective customer to evaluate the specific condition of your property.  

We recommend that you contact us today to arrange for a free consultation of your foundation repair cost. 

Rex Hise

Rex Hise is a seasoned professional in the field of residential construction with over 40 years of experience. Specializing in foundation repair and restoration, Rex has successfully helped countless homeowners in the Plano, TX area address their foundation issues effectively.

Having worked in residential construction for many years, I understand the importance of repairing foundations in Plano houses. With the unique soil conditions in Plano, TX, it’s essential to use effective foundation repair techniques to ensure the stability and longevity of homes in the area. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best foundation repair solutions Plano homeowners can consider.

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