Reasons to Check Your Basement for Signs of Foundation Problems


Checking your basement for signs of foundation problems is crucial for many reasons. For instance, if there’s water damage from a flooding basement, this can compromise the integrity of your foundation. You may notice a musty smell from rot, mold, or mildew in your basement, followed by bowing of the basement walls. Here are the top reasons why you should check your basement for signs of foundation problems.

Reduce the Cost of Fixing Foundation Problems

Checking your basement for signs of foundation problems will help you detect problems early, which in turn, can help you reduce the cost of repair. Typically the cost of fixing foundation problems depends on many factors, such as location, the type of repairs that are required, plus the extent of the damage. If the damage to your foundation is not discovered early enough, it will spread, and you will likely have to pay for advanced repairs. Your property might even require a brand new foundation. So, it’s best to check for foundation problems sooner to minimize repair costs.

Keep Your Property Safe

If your property has foundation issues that are not addressed in time, this could lead to serious structural problems that affect the safety of your home. For instance, the property could develop sagging floors or bowing walls which can be a hazard to the people occupying the building. Checking the basement gives you a good idea of whether foundation repairs are necessary to keep your building safe and habitable. Common signs to look for include cracks in the floors, and walls and unexplained water damage.

Know Where You Stand Before Buying a Home

If you’re buying a residential or commercial property, it’s also crucial to schedule a professional property inspection that covers the foundation. That way, you can discover foundation issues before your purchase your home instead of after. This will enable you to make an informed decision that will save you money in the long run.

According to construction experts, the weight of an average home in the United States is 50 tons, and this massive weight is supported by a seven-and-a-half-ton foundation. However, things like water damage and a weakening of load-bearing walls can affect the integrity of your foundation. Therefore, checking your basement for signs of foundation problems is essential to prevent the problem from becoming serious and to save you more money.

If you suspect damage to your property’s foundation, contact us today to discuss your foundation repair options.

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