How Trees Can Cause Problems to Your Foundation


Every homeowner wants their property to have great curb appeal. It increases the value of their home and encourages the rest of the neighborhood to keep up with appearances. Many homeowners plant large shrubs and trees to give their home aesthetic appeal and personalize their property a bit. However, what most Plano, Texas homeowners don’t realize is that the beloved tree in the front yard or the big shrubs on the side of their house could be causing serious foundation problems. At Dalrock Foundation Repair, we know the signs of foundation damage caused by trees.

Extensive Tree Roots Causing Foundation Cracking

For most homeowners, they get stuck with whatever trees are already on their property. Sometimes those trees are great to have in the yard and other times it can be a real problem. Some trees have very extensive root systems that can spread out and wiggle their way underneath your home’s foundation causing it to crack. While beautiful to have in a front yard, trees like Poplars, Willow trees, and the American Elm have root systems that are particularly aggressive. If you suspect your home has foundation failure, you might have tree roots making their way underneath your home.

Draining Water From the Soil

As trees grow, they need adequate water supply to support their nutritional needs. Trees will find whatever water source they can to stay healthy. This becomes a problem when the water source is underneath of your home’s foundation. When your slab foundation is poured, the soil is stable and can support the foundation above it. However, if a tree root finds that the soil near or under your home as a fair amount of moisture, it’s going to drain that soil of it’s moisture and cause it to sink along with your foundation.

Root Barriers Weren’t Installed

If you were lucky enough to choose and plant the trees or shrubs that are in your yard, you probably didn’t think about installing root barriers to direct the growth of the tree roots. If you’ve noticed foundation cracking, those roots that most likely didn’t present a problem at the time of planting are now the literal root of your foundation problem. At Dalrock, our foundation repair experts can install root barriers to prevent further root growth in the direction of your home.

Dalrock Foundation Repair Can Fix It

No matter what kind of foundation issue you’re having, our experts have a solution. We’ll come to your home or business and assess any cracking or shifting and then provide you with a course of action that fixes the problem. Our assessments are fair, honest, and aim to give you the most accurate information available about your foundation. Get in touch today to learn more!

Rex Hise

Rex Hise is a seasoned professional in the field of residential construction with over 40 years of experience. Specializing in foundation repair and restoration, Rex has successfully helped countless homeowners in the Plano, TX area address their foundation issues effectively.

Having worked in residential construction for many years, I understand the importance of repairing foundations in Plano houses. With the unique soil conditions in Plano, TX, it’s essential to use effective foundation repair techniques to ensure the stability and longevity of homes in the area. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best foundation repair solutions Plano homeowners can consider.

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