Our History

[Rex Hise], Owner of Dalrock Foundation Repair has been in the construction industry since 1982. Having been in the home construction business and personally building custom homes and home remodelling in the North Dallas area, Rex understands the importance of complete customer satisfaction and standing behind each and every project. Because of this experience Rex brings a special set skills to the Foundation Repair Industry. Rex has had extensive training in the engineering and construction of the structural components that make up residential and commercial structures, which gives him a completely different insight in the foundation repair industry.

Rex, saw the need for a foundation repair company that was different from the rest. This included, not only developing a unique office support staff, but providing outstanding customer service, being completely responsive to home owner needs, providing excellent coverage, and doing all of these things at a reasonable fee. As a result, Dalrock Foundation Repair was founded in Dallas Texas in 1990.

The focus on providing good value at a reasonable price began paying off immediately as the foundation repair company has had continued growth and expansion even in a slow economy. The plan was implemented to offer the best and most advanced methods for foundation repairs and provide a warranty on the repairs that is the best in the industry.

Today, Dalrock Foundation Repair has grown into one of the major providers of foundation repair in the Dallas Metro areas. Dalrock has provided repairs and warranty coverage on 1,000’s of homes in the North Texas area. Dalrock is active in numerous Home Builder Associations and Builder Industry Associations.

“We take great pride in continuously striving to be the best and to constantly improve our services every day.”

We invite you to find out for yourself what sets Dalrock Foundation Repair and Warranty apart from the competition.