5 Must-Do Home Improvement Checks for Spring


Spring is the perfect time to do home improvement projects. Some projects are major undertakings that only need to be done every decade or so. Others need to be done every year. If you’re a homeowner, you need to check for things like foundation damage and other issues every spring. Here are five must-do home improvement checks that you should remember every spring.


Your gutters play an essential role in keeping your home safe from leaks and water damage. So it is important you check them every year. The pipes should be clear and the downspout should drain water at least five feet from the foundation to prevent foundation damage.

Exterior Walls

While all building materials will have their own problems to look for, you should be checking your exterior walls every spring. Look for things like cracks, rot, and pest damage. By looking for these things, you can catch them before they get any worse.

Air Conditioner

After a winter of not being used, your air conditioner needs some maintenance. Clean it out and check it for any problems. You’ll want to get repairs done before the hot weather arrives in order to avoid discomfort and higher repair bills.


The hinges on your doors, windows, and garage can get stiff and rusty. This can be especially true if they’ve been exposed to snow, salt, and water all winter. When the spring arrives, check all of your hinges for damage and lubricate them as you go. This will keep things moving smoothly.


Check all of your screens as soon as you can in the springtime. If your screens are dirty, clean them up to avoid any dirt getting into your home. However, if they are ripped, you’ll want to repair or replace them as soon as possible. Otherwise, bugs will be able to move freely in and out of your home during the summer.

When the spring arrives, it is time to check over everything in your house. You want to make sure you don’t miss any problems like foundation damage or broken screens. By doing your checks in the spring, you give yourself plenty of time to get the repairs done before the hot weather of summer arrives. Use this list to get you started.

Rex Hise

Rex Hise is a seasoned professional in the field of residential construction with over 40 years of experience. Specializing in foundation repair and restoration, Rex has successfully helped countless homeowners in the Plano, TX area address their foundation issues effectively.

Having worked in residential construction for many years, I understand the importance of repairing foundations in Plano houses. With the unique soil conditions in Plano, TX, it’s essential to use effective foundation repair techniques to ensure the stability and longevity of homes in the area. In this article, I’ll discuss some of the best foundation repair solutions Plano homeowners can consider.

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